The Chain Zine

From electrichaos

Amanda started this chain zine project in 2009, posting in zine communities at livejournal and ning. She put together a booklet of blank paper with instructions and list of participants. This was sent to person #1 who was given a theme for their page, which could be anything – collage, drawing, writing, etc.. Person #1 was to create their page and then send the booklet to Person #2, assigning a theme to them.

The project was split into three booklets, the first of which made it back to Amanda a couple years later in 2011, the second in 2014 and the third was stalled at some unknown point.

The Chain Zine combines the two final collections into a 20-page saddle-stitched zine printed on glossy paper in color. It’s a diverse piece of art, encompassing collage, comics, essays and more.

Highly recommended.

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