Mara Gervais – I Made You a Mix CD Because I Have a Crush On You

Mara Gervais @ Grid Zine Fest 2022

I met Mara at 2022’s Grid Zine Fest. Here you can see the artist’s table filled with lots of items, including the mix CD that caught my eye.

The CD was originally crafted in September 2020 and mine was edited, reprinted, assembled and burned in June 2022, evidently for the round of festivals Mara has on her calendar.

The CD contains 20 songs from the likes of Deerhunter, Pavement, FKA Twigs and others.

The booklet is the real star of this show, however. It’s filled with Mara’s writing about why each song is special and deserving of a spot on the CD made just for me.

I love this.

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