Zinesy is a website all about zines by Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker) of GAJOOB.


GAJOOB started out as a local Salt Lake City zine in 1988 featuring random stuff, local music and underground cassette.

I’ve always been into DiY slice of life collage and documenting niches through a variety of personal perspectives. I make websites about things that interest me so I thought it was about time to focus one on zines and see where it goes.

So in May 2022 as Zinesy begins to take shape, I’m thinking the site will have lots of reviews containing scans and video of zines. There will be interviews with zine creators and maybe a vlog and/or podcast.

There is a shop with my own zines and I think there will be more outside zines, but I’m not entirely sure. Etsy has a huge assortment, but there are issues. I think DiY culture struggles with some of its seeming agenda, but, personally, I think it’s pretty great despite its flaws. But maybe helping spread the word and linking to great zines where fans can purchase directly is what I’m best at doing.

Anyway, it’s the beginning of what will be a work in progress.

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